Katharina’s Story – Chapter 22: Roland Returns

Roland returned from America in 1954, two years after he and his family left. At some point we had renewed our “pen-pal relationship” and I learned that he was lucky enough to have drawn a tour of duty in Germany. He was to be stationed in Aschaffenburg, located about thirty kilometers southeast of Frankfurt. IContinue reading “Katharina’s Story – Chapter 22: Roland Returns”

Katharina’s Story – Chapter 21: Karlheinz

You will recall that in May of 1952 Roland, my schooltime sweetheart, and his family left for America. I was seventeen at the time; we promised to write to each other, feeling that somehow things would ultimately work out for us. Originally, the family’s sponsor had arranged for them to move to Togo, Minnesota. AsContinue reading “Katharina’s Story – Chapter 21: Karlheinz”

Katharina’s Story – Chapter 18: Roland

I was sixteen when I met Roland, in the summer of 1951. Our school celebrated its 350th anniversary, and this event included several days of sports and recreational activities for the students. A special train excursion for the upper classes to the cavern in the Sauerland was part of it. This train, the Samba-Zug, featuredContinue reading “Katharina’s Story – Chapter 18: Roland”